Hi, I'm Maarten! 👋🏻

Digital Growth Marketer

Ever since I was a child I have loved to play games. Stratego, Risk, Age of Empires …
And I kept doing that. But now with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and their data. This means that I am constantly looking for the latest new tactics and increasingly effective strategies. Especially in B2B SaaS Product environments.


Do you also need a way to optimize your online marketing strategy? I’ll help you play the game smarter than the others.

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Measure and make better

The data has the answer… always. You just have to be able to decipher it correctly. And you need some perseverance and analytical skills for that. Knowledge of the right tools (and how to use them) also helps. And then there is such a thing as experience: more than 8 years now… the longer you play the game, the better you get at it.

Growth Strategy

Discover your Ideal Customer Profile and define the Buyer Personas within the companies you are targeting. Develop a product positioning and marketing strategy that resonates with your prospects.

Growth Marketing

Find the most efficient way for your company to grab the attention of your audience and convert it into business. Constantly optimizing your digital marketing channels based on the data they generate.

Digital Analytics

Gathering data, analyzing it, delivering insights and directing action. That’s what I do best. Don’t matter the technology you’re working with, or wether it’s web or app. I'll show you where you're losing customers.

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Software Category Strategy: Inside our Out?

When talking about Software Product Positioning, the question is coming up sooner or later. Which category does our platform belong in? It’s often a heated, long-term debate. Lots of opinions, inside-out views, and hindsight rationalization about the current customer base. All until someone raises their hand and asks if we should

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Digital Analytics

Belgian Corona Spread 🦠

The current Corona pandemic is hard on us. Next to the obviously horrible medical situation, there was a constant mental insecurity. Media headlines were emotional, BREAKING, and lacking context. Lots of data visualizations used, were misleading to say the least (although mostly unintentional, I’m sure.). To stop myself (and others)

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How the GA App+Web Property will impact Digital Product Analytics
Digital Analytics

How the GA App + Web Property will impact Digital Product Analytics

If you’re in Mobile Analytics, the end of last year might have been a rollercoaster. Google announced that it would be sunsetting the Google Analytics Services SDK by October 2019 and that it would be removing all data from GA views that only had mobile data coming in. Google kindly

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